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OWL Wastewater Day

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Topic plan OWL wastewater day 2020

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Dear customer,
How do you best prepare for flood crises? Heavy rain, flood events and inadequate backwater protection are increasingly becoming a reality.

Which strategies need to be applied and how can damage from sewage and water be contained starting from private property? Questions that the 12th OWL-Wastewater Day will deal with.

And the shortage of skilled workers is also currently triggering crises. The human resource is becoming increasingly scarce when the markets are in high demand. The wastewater industry must reposition itself so that the competition for workers is not lost.

Finally it becomes “legal” again. This year we will deal with “work instructions” and their meaning in a crisis-free work environment.

Then it's off to networking in a typical East Westphalian location as usual. Let yourself be surprised.

We look forward to you!

9:00 a.m: Welcome and introduction    Marco Koch,     Jung Pumpen GmbH

9:15 a.m: Crisis management at       OOWV, Unternehmensaufgabe     und Organisation    Dr. Peter Brocks, OOWV, Brake 

9:45 a.m: Crisis team exercise, scenario     für einen übergreifenden Störfall     beim  OOWV    Dr. Peter Brocks,OOWV, Brake

10:15 a.m : Break / visit to the trade exhibition

10:45 a.m: Drafting fault and emergency plans using the example of heavy rain events and potential faults in pressure pipes Ludger Wördemann, City of Rheda Wiedenbrück,

11:15 a.m: Provision beyond the property line - to avoid potential crises in the public sector Dipl.-Ing. Gisbert Peka, pk rainwater management

11:45 a.m: Break / visit to the trade exhibition

1 p.m: It's all just cold coffee - crises in the current press Horst Schlämmer Grevenbroicher Tageblatt

1:30 p.m: Avoid personnel crises - Become an employer brand in the wastewater industry: Get rid of the dirty image! Herbert Reithmeir, DLS management consultancy

2:30 p.m: break / visit to the trade exhibition

3 p.m: Steer successfully through work instructions - risk-free and free of crises Han Christian Jung, Putsche & Jung, Schiche, Mertingen

4:15 p.m: Closing discussion

4:30 p.m: End of the event

6:30 p.m: Evening event