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Leakage and Functionality Testing

Leakage and Functionality Testing

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Seminar Contents

Advanced training in specialist knowledge in accordance with the self-monitoring ordinance for waste water in North Rhine-Westphalia of October 17, 2013

  • News from Jung Pumpen

  • Regulations and standards for leak tests on property drainage systems
  • New lines and shafts according to DIN EN 1610, DWA A 139, existing pipes and manholes (DIN 1986-30 - latest version, DWA M 143-6), sewers in water protection areas according to DWA A 142
  • Basics of property drainage DIN 1986-100 backflow protection according to the rules of technology
  • Innovations from legislation and from DIN standards, Water Management Act 2010, § 60 and § 61 DIN 1986-30 - latest version of the circular from June 2011 catalog of damages
  • Quality association for property drainage (established from June 2011), professional advice to property owners, experience and problems with leak tests
  • Legal protection of the expert in the consultation
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