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Communal Wastewater Technology

Lecture on damp tissue (In Griesheim)

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Civil Engineering,
Installation Company Owners,
Installers (SHK),
Municipal employees,
Plant Engineering,
Special Purpose Associations


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Lecture on damp tissue (Griesheim)

Seminar Contents

The steadily increasing hygiene requirements and the associated “triumphant advance” of wet wipes cannot be stopped. Find out more about one of the greatest challenges facing the wastewater industry of our time and about possible solutions that you can use in your customer and citizen advisory service.

  • The Jung Pumpen company in a strong network
  • OPTIONAL: backflow protection of buildings according to DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986 part 100
  • Wet wipes do not belong in the sewer system
  • Definition of "domestic wastewater"
  • The Consumer's View - Industry Approaches
  • Pump hydraulics at a glance
  • Sewage pumps: the contrast between efficiency and functionality
  • Contaminants in the drainage system - the term “flushable” and the problems associated with it
  • Sewage system compatibility of wet wipes - legal relevance
  • OPTIONAL: Presentation of new products

JUNG PUMPEN GmbH, Servicecenter Süd, Wiesenstraße 8, 64347 Griesheim