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Leakage and Functionality Testing

Basic Course - Tightness and Functional Test

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Civil Engineering,
Installers (SHK),
Sewer renovation,
The Municipality,


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Seminar leak and function test GK

Seminar Contents

Get to know the possibilities / potential of the renovation and renewal of defective underground lines. Achievement of the expertise according to SüwVO Dev. NRW

  • Responsibilities for property drainage systems, sewage systems, pipe materials, sealing systems old and new
  • Requirements a.d. Expert according to SüwVO dev. NRW
  • Condition assessment through TV inspection, practical examples
  • Legal basis, e.g. Water Resources Act § 60 and 61, LWG § 61, SüwVO Abw. NRW, legal basis in other federal states
  • DIN standards and regulations inside and outside of buildings: overview of DIN standards, DIN standards for leak tests
  • Leak tests in water protection areas, practical examples
  • Rückstausicherung in der Gebäudeentwässerung / Einsatz von Hebeanlage, Pumpen und Hebeanlagen in Funktion 
  • Backflow protection in building drainage / use of lifting systems, pumps and lifting systems in operation
  • Leak test / practical demonstration
  • Quality manual - functional testing of private sewage systems
  • Basics of leak tests, DIN standards and regulations
  • Condition assessment by TV inspection 
  • DIN-EN standards and regulations, damage assessment based on practical examples, picture reference catalog, DIN 1986-30 and 100
  • Leak tests in sewer rehabilitation processes
  • Documentation of the leak tests
  • Examples:
    - Calculation example with filling out a report
    - Calculation of leak tests
    - Service texts for leak tests
  •  Theoretical and practical examination of competence, conclusion with certificate of competence