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Seminar Accessibility - DIN 18040

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Themenplan KOOP-Barrierefreiheit

Seminar Contents

Recognize the advantages of a barrier-free bathroom design in new and existing buildings.

  • Comfort = DIN + requirements
    - DIN 18040 – Planning principles
  • Publicly accessible sanitary rooms
    - Movement spaces and overlay
  • bathrooms in residential properties
    - barrier-free minimum standard 
  • SIT - grip - hold - support - stand up
    - Kinesthetics as a principle of movement, sequences of movements for
    - Rollator and wheelchair
    - Alternatives to DIN
  • Change perspective
    - Experience mobility in an age simulation suit and sensor technology with visually impaired glasses
  • Basic facts about backflow protection / drainage
    - Drainage of bathrooms in the basement
    - Professional backflow protection
    - Floor-level showers in the renovation
  • Installation systems for barrier-free bathroom design
    Design and functionality - creating modern, individual bathrooms
    - Barrier-free bathrooms versus design
    - Security through flexible pretexts