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Dear Partners and Customers,

We have closely monitored the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are therefore suspending the conduct of our seminars at least until the middle of August. We will confirm your received seminar registrations for later dates, subject to the assumption that the consequences of COVID-19 have been contained by the respective day of the event and that seminar operations can be resumed without health risks.

Webinars as an introduction to the seminar after the crisis
We are now offering free online seminars on current wastewater issues, such as: Backflow protection, accessibility and questions about municipal wastewater technology. At you will find a diverse range of topics. We would be happy to arrange individual appointments with individual companies. You can reach us by phone at 05204 17-162 or by email at We would like to ask you to refrain from mail items if possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Pentair Jung Pumpen Seminar-Team


Jung Pumpen Seminar Program

JUNG PUMPEN has a communication and information center in Steinhagen. On one hand, the Jung Pumpen Forum enables us to keep up a dialogue with our partners and customers – a mutual exchange of information that has been part of the company's tradition ever since it was founded. On the other hand, we can do this at the highest level because the forum's pioneering facilities make it possible to hold all kinds of presentations. Direct access to the production site in Steinhagen also enables a "look behind the scenes" of production. Here the quality concept of a Jung pump becomes visible and can be experienced by visitors.

Our south training center is coupled with our customer service center located in Griesheim, in close proximity to the main metropolis, Frankfurt, "knowledge in a nutshell". This slogan meets what JUNG PUMPEN conveys here: short seminars, individually tailored to the needs of customers.